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Dunn Creek Farm

Dunn Creek Farm
5054 Rte 17, Murray Harbour North, PEIdunn creek sheep
2prodroom [at] gmail [dot] com

John Quimby and Susan Frazier first decided to purchase land on Prince Edward Island in 1999.  Originally looking for a cottage from which to enjoy the Island summers, they ended up with a farm in Murray Harbour North.  John and Susan began their farming career as seasonal amateur gardeners, and fifteen years later, they are certified organic farmers at Dunn Creek Organic Farm and full time Island residents.

Dunn Creek Organic Farm operates a small CSA, and supplies the Cardigan Farmer’s Market.  Their focus is to serve themselves and their immediate neighbours with high quality organic produce.  John is also passionate about breeding climate adapted heritage birds, suitable for smaller scale production.  He is currently experimenting in the production of small grains, and is interested in opportunities around malScreenshot 2015-03-15 20.06.52ting barley.

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