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Kentdale Organic Produce Inc

Fred and Kent Dollar
1067 Winsloe Rd
Winsloe, PE C1E 1Z3
Tel.  902-368-1411
Fax. 902-628-1653

Fred and Kent DollarFred, Vaunda, and Kent Dollar own and operate a 275 acre family farm known as “Kentdale Farms” in North Winsloe, PEI. Although the farm started out as a dairy and beef operation, today the farm produces certified organic potatoes, soybeans, and milling wheat, grown in a five year rotation with hay.  These rotations make ecological and economic sense, and are a foundation of a healthy farm system.

Fred Dollar led the farm through the organic transition beginning in 1999, though had been farming ecologically since the early 90s.  Starting with a dairy and having long rotations with pasture, hay and forage made the transition easier, as the land was fertile and rich in organic matter.

You can find Kentdale Farms Organic potatoes at the Atlantic Superstore or Sobeys.  They are one of the only local, certified organic potatoes available in Maritime grocery chain stores.  Milling wheat is marketed to Spearville Mills.