La Serena Farm

La Serena Farm

Owners:  Charles & Laura Lipnicki

Phone:  (902) 621-0085

Email:  laserenafarm [at] gmail [dot] com


Location:  820 Millboro Rd,  C0A 1N0

What we grow: fruits, vegetables, lamb

We are Charles and Laura Lipnicki and we believe in healthy food.  We don’t believe in using pesticides, hormones or antibiotics on our food or give to our animals.  We love our animals to have the space to be chickens, turkeys, pigs, or sheep.  

These birds are a close relative to the original wild turkeys of the past known as the “Orlopp Bronze” variety, sourced from an exclusive grower in Quebec as one day old chicks and we have raised them on the pastures of our farm. They have been able to forage on fresh clean grass every day and enjoyed a humane lifestyle that few domestic turkeys today can parallel.  In addition to what they garner from the land, their diet has been Non-Genetically Modified certified organic non-medicated grains that were grown on the island.

Where to find our products:

Farm Gate



Certified organic by:

Pro Cert Organics