Research and Reports

Ash as a soil amendment ion organic carrot production

Plant ash by-product from an Island greenhouse heating system could replace imported sulfate of potash (SOP). The plant ash has significant levels of phosphorus, potassium oxide and calcium.


Organic Oat Variety Evaluation Interim Report

Researchers at the Harrington Research Farm established an organic oat cultivar trial in the organic block. The trial consisted of eight oat cultivars including the common oat (believed to be Marion) and three rates of nitrogen in the form of pelletized chicken manure (8, 16 and 36 kg N/ha).  Determined were yield, hectare litre weight, and 1000 kernel weight.


2016 COPC wireworm study

31 Vernon (pheromone) traps and 42 light traps were installed for around 65 days in summer 2016.


2016 COPC soybean variety trials

Twenty-two varieties of  food-grade soybeans were evaluated from 2013-2015, examining yield and quality performance.

2016_ PEI_COPC_Soybean_Research_Summary

Organic Red Beet Grower’s Manual

PEI COPC developed this manual from a literature review and field observations in response to a request for local organic red beets. The information is based on one production season.


Prince Edward Island Organic Soybean Market Study and Strategic Plan
Submitted on March 31, 2012, was prepared for the PEI Certified Organic Producers Co-operative

The consultant measured current levels of soybean production in Canada. Then she searched information on potential markets for organic soybean production  starting with Atlantic Canada, followed by other Canadian markets and United States (US) markets.

The consultant developed a strategic plan, then completed market research based on the short term direction identified by growers in their action plan.


2013-2015 Organic Soybean Variety/Fertility Evaluations

Plots of soybeans were divided between a treatment of potassium sulfate ( 200 lbs/acre), applied before seeding out, and a non-fertilized treatment. Soil samples were collected and analyzed at the PEI Provincial Soil Laboratory.

The report, prepared by Brian Craig and Harvey Cairns, is available on our website.

2016_3- year_final_Soybean_Craig_Cairns

Organic Vegetable Fertility Trials

The project “Organic Vegetable Fertility Trials” # PE0372, commenced April 2012 to evaluate the performance of locally available P.E.I.  fertility additives in an organic vegetable production system. The project will evaluate broccoli and carrots, with different additives to improve profitability of the crops.

Partners included the PEI ADAPT Council, the PEI Certified Organic Producers Co-operative, the PEI Horticultural Association Inc., and Red Soil Organics.



Previous Field Research

Organic Carrots!

Organic Carrots at Red Soil Organics in Brookfield, PEI

PEI Horticultural Association is currently working with one of our members, Red Soil Organics, on two research projects.  They will be assessing the viability of using the parastic wasp trichogramma as a means of controlling cabbage worms in organic brassicae crops. They will also be looking at plant density optimization in organic carrot production.  Stay tuned for results!

In 2012 – 2013, COPC partnered with PEI Horticultural Association to assess the impact of several locally available organically approved inputs on the yield and quality of different vegetable crops.  To view the final report, please click here.

Bountiful crop of organic soybeans!


2014 marks the 3rd year of a 3 year study COPC is conducting on different seed varieties of soybeans, and how they perform under different organic production systems.  To see a slideshow with pictures and statistics of the 2013 results, please click here.  To view the acccompanying report, please click here.  

In 2013, COPC partnered with two organic farmers to create best practices guidelines for growing organic red beets.  To view this manual, please click here.

Organic Grains & Cereal Market Research study (2004)