Past Research

Previous Field Research

Organic Carrots!

Organic Carrots at Red Soil Organics in Brookfield, PEI

PEI Horticultural Association is currently working with one of our members, Red Soil Organics, on two research projects.  They will be assessing the viability of using the parastic wasp trichogramma as a means of controlling cabbage worms in organic brassicae crops. They will also be looking at plant density optimization in organic carrot production.  Stay tuned for results!

In 2012 – 2013, COPC partnered with PEI Horticultural Association to assess the impact of several locally available organically approved inputs on the yield and quality of different vegetable crops.  To view the final report, please click here.

Bountiful crop of organic soybeans!


2014 marks the 3rd year of a 3 year study COPC is conducting on different seed varieties of soybeans, and how they perform under different organic production systems.  To see a slideshow with pictures and statistics of the 2013 results, please click here.  To view the acccompanying report, please click here.  

In 2013, COPC partnered with two organic farmers to create best practices guidelines for growing organic red beets.  To view this manual, please click here.

Organic Grains & Cereal Market Research study (2004)