Crystal Green Farms Blueberry Crepes


Using the Crystal Green Pancake Mix, Chef Glynis Middleton thinned the batter with milk until it was the right consistency for crepes.

Chose a pan that is the diameter you wish the crepe to be. Heat until hot. Add a dollop of butter. When butter is melted, pour  1/4 c of batter into centre of pan and swirl pan until the batter forms an even layer. It should start to cook immediately. When the batter is bubbling through, flip the crepe and cook until done.

Turn out onto a plate.

Add a stripe of blueberry mixture (below) and a stripe of whipped cream (below)

Wrap and serve!

Blueberry filling

Glynis combined some grated lemon peel, honey and fresh wild blueberries in a sauce pan and cooked them down a bit. She added a bit of cornstarch to thicken the mix.

Whipped cream

Combine whipping cream with a bit of honey to sweeten. whip with mixer until it’s stiff.

It whips up quicker if the beaters, bowl and cream are cold. (Mom’s tip: Put the beaters and bowl in the freezer beforehand)

Photo: It was a process to make the crepes, assemble them and then dish them out for samples!