Why certified organic?

Certified organic is the only way to ensure that your food was produced with integrity. Certified organic means that the seeds used are not genetically modified, livestock is raised humanely, and that the food you eat is real food with no artificial additives, colouring, or preservatives.
Producers must follow a regulated set of standards, including a detailed audit trail of the operation as well as pass a yearly inspection by a trained independent inspector.

Look for the organic seal

To know that your food is certified organic, look for the certifying body’s seal on the package. If you are buying directly from the farmer, ask to see their certificate– producers are proud of their certification and want to know that you value it too.

Choose local

Buying local organic food means optimal freshness and flavour, reduces greenhouse emissions and supports our local economy. Get to know your farmer, and what is “in season”. This way you benefit from optimum flavour and freshness. Eating locally reduces the distance food is transported and decreases our reliance on imported foods.

Where do you find local organic products?

It’s easier than you may think to find local organic food, look on our map to locate local markets, and CSA suppliers. Many producers sell directly to the consumers so check the closest Farmers Market, and check the grocery stores, if you do not see what you are looking for ask. Check the listing of where to buy PEI organic food.