Soleil’s Farm

Soleil’s Farm

Owners:  Soleil Hutchinson

Phone:  (902)218-5240

Email:  soleilhutchinson [at] gmail [dot] com

Website: or

Location:  South Melville Road

What we grow: mixed vegetables

Our recently purchased farm consists of 10 acres of mixed vegetable farm nuzzled on a 100 acre lot composed of rolling pastures, an old growth forest and a beautiful freshwater creek.  Our farm is currently in its third year of transition and will be receiving its organic certification in 2015. We are committed to growing quality local vegetables using organic, no spray farming methods that enrich the health of our soils.  We grow a wide variety of vegetables, but more specifically specialize in the production of mix greens, sprouts and micros.  Currently, our products are uniquely sold through Plate It, a local produce delivery service that connects our farm to ten other farmers and foragers and the local restaurant market.

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